How Low Quality Backlinks can harm your ranking

backlinks vaultThe area where online marketing strategies are applied to make a site successful is backlinks. A backlink is a clickable text or link on a website that links the visitors back to your website. For many years, backlinks have been used by Google as a signal of ranking for keyword searches. Not only specialized people, but people who don’t know about SEO also know that backlinks denote rankings in Google. But backlinks have changed in recent years in the terms of online marketing.

There are some myths attached to backlinks that they boost your website’s ranking and increase the data traffic to the site. But the truth is that not all backlinks help in increasing your site’s ranking and low-quality backlinks can even harm your domain. Most of the SEO companies still think that all backlinks are good and do not have the idea that many of them are bad also. There are spam backlinks that exist due to Google’s inability to block these links for many years. The spammiest link-builders were benefiting during those times but not anymore. Google has found and applied new methods to catch spam link builders and is punishing those spam websites. For many years, backlinks have been regarded as a positive signal of ranking and because of this reason, only a few companies have paid attention to the changed ranking scheme launched by Google.

The status of the backlinks appearing on the sites was never questioned before, but it is done now. Nowadays Google wants links that are coming from high-quality websites and are related to the outbound link. That means low-quality links are not acceptable anymore and having such links can harm your website’s ranking and goodwill. If a website has a link from a totally unrelated site, it will not boost up your ranking as in the case of a related site. The backlink should be such that it makes sense to the users and visitors of that particular site and to the search engines also.

Unrelated links can deteriorate your website’s SEO rankings, and spam links can cause a lot of harms to your domain. The longer the spam links continue to appear on your site, the more effort you have to put in to remove them. Google has made changes in its algorithm to penalize those who use spam backlink strategies, and it has also launched a tool to disavow spam links for webmasters. This tool is used only in exceptional circumstances when the backlinks cannot be removed manually.

There is some scam sites have been created like Backlinks Vault- which can not provide high quality backlinks like the original site. Be aware of that.

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